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Five Safety Guidelines For Communicating with Your Higher Self

Growing up in my religious family, I believed in the power of God, the angels, and saints. I’ll never forget my mother’s unwavering faith as she prayed to St. Anthony whenever she lost something. She deeply revered Mother Mary, St. Therese, and many other heavenly beings.

My mother's devoted prayer life showed me we can form meaningful connections and build relationships with these blessed Guides in the heavenly realms.

Because of my mother, I knew that the “holy ones” on the other side of the veil were real and available to assist me whenever I needed assistance. On my journey of awakening, I formed a powerful daily connection with three special beings: Jeshua, St Germain, and Archangel Michael.

These Beings, at the time, were my ‘Saviors’ as I continued to heal the sadness and trauma from my past.  I knew I was connected with the Higher Powers because my communing with them always soothed my broken heart….and, I felt loved.

Like me, you may desire to receive messages from beyond the veil to build you up, encourage you to continue doing what you are doing, and know that you are loved, guided, cherished and protected.

However, some fear opening communication because of old religious, fearful notions of contacting a malevolent being.

Unfortunately, because of this fear, we resist the beautiful connections that could greatly assist our life stream.

So, what’s the best way to determine if you are in touch with your Higher Self, an ascended master, or a malevolent being? I will give you five safety guidelines for establishing relationships with those you have chosen to connect with so that you can build trusted relationships with them.

1. The messages you receive from benevolent beings are nothing but serenity and assurance. Benevolence will always build you up and guide you with encouragement and understanding. They will never scold you, tear you down, or express negativity in any form.

2. You may hear words that aren’t words in your usual vocabulary. For instance, I often hear “profundity” or “Understand you this?” These are real signs to me that it was not my ego speaking to me, since these phrases are not common words I typically use in conversation.

3. If you have been questioning a particular issue, you will start to experience clarity. The confirmation will give you acknowledgment and assurance that you’ve been waiting for – the answer will feel good, and suddenly will all make perfect sense.

4. The messages to take a specific action, such as moving, changing jobs, or some other big life decision will feel right to you. Going with your gut is always the right move for the moment to show you the way. It may also be helpful to seek out a trusted intuitive or friend when confirmation of your issue is necessary.

5. Finally, along with consulting your guidance system, following your intuition is another crucial safety guideline. Trust your instincts; if something in your gut tells you to make a particular decision, take confidence in it. If what you are hearing or feeling isn’t in your best interest, it will feel heavy. My motto is, ‘If it feels light, it is right.’

Communicating with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, or benevolent beings can be a fulfilling experience, especially when we are attuned with them through our heart.

Remember, these beings want to see us grow in mind, body, and spirit and will always seek to help us improve our lives.  They will NEVER trample upon our free will. The choices are always yours to make.

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