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Debrah Goetz

Debrah Goetz

Debrah is a Spiritual Activator and Alchemist here to assist humanity in anchoring the Christ Light of spiritual awakening. She is also a gifted Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, and clear channel of Ascended Masters, the high angelic realm and the Divine.

For more than two decades Deb has served as a conduit of Divinely-Guided healing energies assisting humanity in recognizing and releasing old patterns, helping them live more whole and integrated lives. Through clear and compassionate wisdom, Deb excavates the innate beauty, power and authenticity of the Beings of Love that we are.

The Inner Sanctuary

Are you searching for ways to be more centered create more joy and harmony in your life?

Are you seeking to learn self-healing techniques to realign your body, mind and spirit?

If so, it’s time to join the Inner Sanctuary!


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Each of us has the innate ability to heal our selves; we are that powerful. Yet, sometimes we need help to see and know the cause, and the path of redemption from an illness or disease. Deb, as a loving conduit, assists in restoring balance and health to your body, mind and spirit.