Debrah Goetz Is

…a Spiritual Activator and Alchemist here to assist humanity in anchoring the Christ Light of spiritual awakening. She is also a gifted Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, and clear channel of Ascended Masters, the high angelic realm and the Divine.

For more than two decades Deb has served as a conduit of Divinely-Guided healing energies assisting humanity in recognizing and releasing old patterns, helping them live more whole and integrated lives. Through clear and compassionate wisdom, Deb excavates the innate beauty, power and authenticity of the Beings of Love that we are.

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The Organ Overhaul℠ series is a collection of classes and group healings that Debrah performed during live gatherings of her private online membership community, The Inner Sanctuary. The intention of each audio is to provide education regarding the organs of the physical body, the emotions surrounding their disease, and then provide solutions thorough quantum healing of each individual organ. Each audio contains both the class portion and the healing portion. We suggest using them to correct a particular organ of your body when needed. However, we also suggest after listening, to allow your body time (a few days) to integrate the frequencies of the healing before moving on to another organ for healing.

These powerful, channeled Archangel Glyphs are catalysts to inspire, encourage and heal on a quantum level.

What is a glyph? Glyphs, also known as sacred transformative symbols, are encoded, magnetic images that have been programmed by Celestial Beings of Divine Frequency to emit and transfer profound, miraculous resonance to their user.

The Archangels reveal their powerful foundational healing attributes in these eight glyphs to benefit humanity in unprecedented ways.

Use these glyphs any time to promote their harmonic qualities into your life stream for financial abundance, emotional and physical wellbeing, sacred nourishment, unlimited power, eloquent forgiveness, and to raise your vibration in order to promote a mystical connection with your Divine Self and Guidance System.

Sessions with Debrah

Deb Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) is an internationally recognized medical intuitive, medium, ascension guide, and quantum healer. Her mission is to activate humanity’s previously lost potential. Now that the Earth has shifted to the faster-pulsating energy of the 5th dimension, Deb believes we are regenerating the return of the masters that we truly are.

Services by Debrah Goetz
Medical Intuitive
Galactic Chiropractic
Spiritual Counseling
Gifted Mediumship
Quantum Acupuncture

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