Soul Path Visioning with Elizabeth Ann

Elizabeth Ann is a multi-dimensional healer, intuitive and creative who is committed to inspiring positive change and authenticity via reconnection to organic life force energy – Nature with a capital ’N’ – the Divine.

For 35+ years, Elizabeth Ann has immersed herself in place-making, as a landscape architect, professor, and community design-builder. Like many, her trauma, addiction, and chronic pain brought her to her knees which set the path for her true healing.

Here, she gratefully found Debrah Goetz as a miraculous facilitator and mentor. For the last decade, Elizabeth’s been deeply and organically healing, rediscovering her metaphysical gifts, and has been practicing several energy healing modalities. She’s learned to cultivate inner landscapes as much as outer ones. Now, Elizabeth utilizes the creative design process in the realm of quantum healing to provide inspired insight, intuitive support and authentic direction to our most sacred projects – our lives.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Craving something deeper?

Wanting more in your relationships?


Schedule some time to stroll through the sacred space of your soul, where you will find the guidance and wisdom you desire.


‘We suffer when we aren’t aligned with what we love.’

That’s the essence of Elizabeth’s gift….her ability to help you tune into your deepest  self-knowledge with a profound sense of your place in nature.

Journey with Elizabeth in a transformative Soul Path Visioning session.

You are at an existential crossroads.

You want to uncover your life’s mission.

You need a Visionary to provide you unwavering support to gain clarity and strength to discover who you truly are.

Be gently guided into profound personal change, through an eco-spiritual foundation rooted in Nature.

Elizabeth Ann will

  • Identify your existing skills
  • Uncover your latent soul abilities
  • Empower you with greater authenticity
  • Embrace opportunity for wholeness

Benefits of Soul Path Visioning

  • Rise into exponential life shifts
  • Define your quantum nature with crystal-clear clarity
  • Awaken your Infinite Blueprint
  • Thrive in your multi-dimensional experience on Earth
  • Create greater vitality and joy on your earth experience
  • Journey into the realm of ideas and imagination
  • Create an authentic, inspired and aligned path forward

Sessions are conducted over the phone or through a Zoom call. Sessions are recorded and sent to the email address you provided within 48 hours.

** All sessions must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

For questions or support with your session, please email:

Session Rates

45 Minutes: $177
3 Session Package: $477
5 Session Package: $777

45 Minutes: $177


3 Session Package (45 Minutes Each): $477

Please use the form below to purchase your package, and to book your first appointment.

Remember to select your timezone where you will be during your session!


5 Session Package (45 Minutes Each): $777

Please use the form below to purchase your package, and to book your first appointment.

Remember to select your timezone where you will be during your session!


Client Testimonials

“We suffer when we aren’t in alignment with what we love.’ That’s the essence of Elizabeth’s gift. It’s her ability to help you tune back into your deepest sense of self and profound sense of place in nature. Bearing witness to Elizabeth’s macro and micro work, I am certain that she can ground and realign almost anything. I trusted her to help me access deeply embedded outlets that I could plug into for the potential energy within me and surrounding all of us. A vast clarity emerged with each session, and I will continue to explore with her. She’s helping me to tune into my purpose, and to turn toward what I love again.”

Elizabeth S.

“I loved the way Elizabeth talked at the start and could feel her words bring the elements in. Her energy felt as if she was holding me. I saw and felt many images and sensations that correlated with shedding thoughts, ideals, and actions in my life. The insight I received helps me to focus on what I know I need to and let go of what others think I need to be doing instead. Some of this looks conventional and some of it is the super creative work I know I need to be expressing and manifesting. I had images of building something, and Elizabeth expressed what she saw and felt in ways that merged with what I did. Her explanations formed the pictures that I wanted and needed to see more clearly. I appreciate that she shared deep and powerful imagery with me that reflects the power of my soul. I feel we moved some things out of the way in restoration of my power.”

Tara H.

“Elizabeth crafts brilliant sessions to embolden and empower clients. She helped re-anchor my focus and connect fragments, bringing a crisp examination into my consciousness. I was incredibly taken by her diligent consultation. She is a gifted advocate for drawing threads between seemingly disparate parts; and, bravely helped me express and interweave my interests, talents, experience, and desires cohesively. She helped me boldly articulate creative projects I might have otherwise brushed off as insurmountable or disconnected. Moreover, Elizabeth’s thoughtful listening allowed me to voice my own curiosities, ultimately empowering me to hoist brave, new visions. She brings a deep enthusiasm to her work, and I find her uniquely supportive, methodical and innovative! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Alexandra B.

“Thank you for the session which was so skilled and feels life-changing.”

Michael C.