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3 Highly Effective Ways To Self-Regulate

We live in a world that is ever-changing.  We’ve all heard this before.  Sometimes it changes for the better; other times not. Yet, the fact is, the world is changing not only on cultural and socio-economic levels, but there is much more going on in the frequency of the planet than we may have been aware of.  And these shifts affect us.

Solar flares are penetrating the planet in unprecedented ways. A solar flare comes from a solar storm which is an eruption of electromagnetic radiation on the sun’s atmosphere.  This storm releases large amounts of radiation into space. Some of this radiation infiltrates the earth’s surface.  Because we live on the earth, the frequencies also affect us, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

First, the electromagnetic activity of the sun affects the power grids of the earth as well as radio signals and communications systems. Flares will affect satellite operations and GPS navigation capabilities.  This is why when there is consistent solar activity, aircrafts are grounded.

There is also a direct connection between solar storms and our biological functions. Scientific studies confirm the fact that they affect our physical and emotional well-being.

How does this happen?

The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different systems.  This electricity creates a magnetic field which surrounds us, or emanates from us.  This causes us to be subject to and affected by the electromagnetism of solar flares. It is, then, no surprise that we are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by the electromagnetic charges of the sun, and experience often-times profound emotional upheavals.

As a result, we may begin to experience peculiar physical sensations, much like a distorted energy flow inside of the body.  You may have experienced some of the symptoms as a result of this activity: headaches, palpitations, body temperature dysregulation, mood swings, fatigue, and general unrest. In addition, our pineal gland, located in the center of our brain is also influenced by electromagnetic activity, causing excessive production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Those of us who are empathic, or energetically open can experience rapid resonance with the emotional states of others around us.

Taking on the emotional frequency of another is not only not our job, but it is extremely taxing on our bodies.

The solar storms and photon waves not only impact our moods and physicality, they can also have a profound influence on our consciousness, causing an eruption of our hidden emotions, and thereby, triggering us.

All of these shifts are difficult for the human to go through.  We feel the pressure of, and are therefore,  the ‘birthing’ of the higher photonic light in our own bodies.

As previously stated, this birthing pressure can be felt on an emotional level, which can be very difficult to manage.  Our relationships may become rocky.  Stress in the workplace may increase.  We may not feel at all like ourselves.

And if we remain at the mercy of the forces around us, our emotional wellbeing will be at risk of volatility.

However, there are ways to maintain a steady equilibrium through it all.  I call it self-regulation.  Self-regulation helps us remain

  • calm in our storms
  • steady in the face of anxiety
  • at peace through chaos
  • centered when otherwise frazzled
  • and in control when things seem uncontrollable.


When the mind and emotions are regulated, the body follows suit and the cells correct to a state of homeostasis, or vibrancy.  The following three simple and easy-to-do remedies shatter the chaos of our minds, enhance our physical health, and balance our emotional states.


  1. Sit down inside. Sitting down inside is a simple way to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and restore equilibrium to your mental state. Simply take your consciousness out of your head and intentionally move down into your body, around the middle of your trunk, a few inches above your navel.  Now close your eyes and sit this consciousness down, back against your spine.  You will immediately feel the shift.


  1. Affirm, “I am the transmutational power of the violet flame”. By stating affirmations we remind our ‘self’ of our wholeness.


  1. In this state you can now observe the world through fresh new lenses. We can react to our world from a new perspective.  Instead of becoming triggered by our world, we can now state, “isn’t it interesting that this person said _______ .” Or “isn’t it interesting that I felt ________ when this happened.”  Try it.  You’ll like it.

No matter the cause of our stress, we’re in this together.

Let’s become better self-advocates and advocates for each other by regulating our energy systems.  It is in this way that our world will also regulate and change for the better….one heart at a time.  And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

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About the Author:  Debrah Goetz is a globally recognized medical intuitive, quantum healer, educator and author.

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