Intuitive Services and Psychic Workshops


Debrah Goetz

Debrah Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) is a catalyst, activator and way-shower of the new earth. Her role is to help usher in a new beginning and a new way of life for us on Earth. As an energetic conduit for Spirit, Debrah is a medical intuitive, quantum healer and Ascension instructor.

Her mission is to activate human potential in a way that has previously been undiscovered. Now that the Earth has shifted to the faster-pulsating energy of the 5th dimension, humanity can begin to energetically recreate the return of the masters that we are.

During healing sessions, Debrah works with an individual’s Higher Self, their innate body and etheric bodies, restoring vibrant health to all systems.

In the past, Debrah enjoyed a fulfilling career as an interior designer.   She is now an interior designer for the Heart of Humanity.

Debrah's Awakening Process

From as early as she can remember, Debrah was on a Truth-seeking quest – a search for God; a search for meaning. Studying and voraciously reading books pertaining to psychology, physics, new thought, astronomy, astrology, numerology and metaphysics brought her understanding and Wisdom that assisted in her awakening, which now fuels her passion for her work.

In 1993 Debrah began performing Reiki. During her first client session, the client’s former husband, who had crossed over, communicated through Debrah to the client. This was a truly amazing experience and extremely cathartic for all. It was then that Debrah realized her gift of Mediumship.

During meditations she began to experience other lives she had lived. Debrah also experienced her Self at the point of creation with the Creator/Source, breathing over the face of the deep. She experienced visitations from her Star families and now channels their benevolent messages.

Debrah has a deep connection with Ascended Masters, the Divine, and the Angelic realm.  In 2014 while performing a healing session for a friend, a 10′ Golden Angel appeared to her, showed her that her friend’s spine was out of alignment.  The angel then emobodied Debrah and assisted in realigning the friend’s spine.  Since that day, she has been performing medical intuitive and quantum healing sessions for clients worldwide.

Debrah knowingly resonates with Nature and Mother Earth and believes in the Truth of Oneness of all things, all Beings, harmonizing with the One Voice of Creation.