Debrah's Story

Debrah is a master of ancient and galactic technologies, bringing eighteen proprietary energetic healing techniques to humanity. Through her deep compassionate and honest approach, she inspires clients to embrace wholeness in their inner world to alchemize miracles in their outer world. 

With over 25 years experience as a next-level Quantum Energy Healer, Spiritual Activator and Medical Intuitive, Debrah has performed over 8,000 sessions with clients in over 21 countries.  Diving deep into the origin, cause and effect of pain, illness and disease, Debrah helps the body transmute them by releasing deep-seated wounds, past life karma, and ancestral trauma. 

Debrah empowers her clients to become masters of their biology, thereby creating more authentic, creative and miraculous lives.

A Soulful Message From Deb

“Some call me an extreme optimist; yet, I see myself as an extreme alchemist.  I have always seen life’s aspects, even during very difficult times, through the lens of transformation.

I refuse to be dragged down by negativity.  I abhor gossip.  My joyful soul views life through the illumination of Source.  It is a gift that is innate in me.

Having been sheltered from darkness in my upbringing, I wear rose-colored glasses.

I consider this a blessing.  Some may consider this being naïve, but I love my naivety, for it assists me greatly in my work.

I am able to view the human body and the human psyche as perfect and whole, devoid of physical and emotional dis-ease.   The ability to capture the ideal of wholeness for my clients creates an alchemical reaction within their physical bodies and conscious and subconscious minds.

I refuse disease in my clients’ cellular structure.  I see perfection of health in all systems of the body and mind, on all levels, throughout all dimensions, space and time, clearing subconscious strongholds, releasing them into the freedom and abundance of the Divine of which we are all a part.

In order for comprehensive healing to occur, the conscious ideal of physical perfection is necessary.  I am not a magician.  I simply act as a conduit, linking you with the perfection of your Divinity.  When an individual is in full belief of their own body’s ability to heal itself, alchemy occurs.”

Debrah Goetz

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Who is Debrah Goetz

Deb Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) is an internationally recognized medical intuitive, medium, ascension guide, teacher, and quantum healer. Her mission is to activate humanity’s previously lost potential by opening hearts, expanding consciousness and being a beacon of love and hope. Using her healing techniques, Deb reconnects others with their authentic selves, allowing them to heal and thrive spiritually, mentally and physically.

As she continued her quest to discover the Divine, she studied psychology, physics, new thought, astrology, and metaphysics, providing her with the wisdom needed to fuel her passion for her work. Soon after, Deb began practicing ancient Japanese healing modality, Quantum Acupuncture, Galactic Chiropractic and other latent healing techniques.

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves; occasionally it needs a little help. During remote healing sessions, Deb works with Jesus and other healing masters to energetically restore vibrant health to all systems of the physical body, as well as excavating deep-seated emotional memories and traumas.

An Intuitive Healer

During the late 1990’s Deb read an ancient text that said, “The things that the Masters did, you can also do.”  This statement rang like a gong within her heart, and Deb asked for the ability to love people as they did, and to also heal people as they did.

In the year 2014, while home alone one evening, Deb felt an impulse to pray for a friend who was out of town.  As she began praying for their safe return home, she suddenly saw in her mind’s eye, her friend’s spine which.    had three misaligned vertebrae and a bulging disc and began to energetically correct and align the spine.   As Deb was performing this, in the corner of her room, a 10’ Golden Angel appeared.  This angel slowly approached d her, and  embodied her.  Together they realigned her friend’s spine, and corrected the bulging disc..  To this day her friend’s spine is perfectly aligned and pain-free.

After this experience, Deb called her healer friend and asked if she could possibly  be a medical intuitive.  Her friend laughed and replied, “of course you are!”  So, Deb began calling her friends and asked to work on their spines.  Through this practice, Deb soon learned that her friends were recovering from years of back pain!

This, then, fueled Deb’s desire to work as a medical intuitive.   She began accepting clients and as she trusted the information she received, putting one foot in front of the other, was given more information, not only about the spine, but the entire skeletal system, then the cerebral spinal fluid, and the endocrine system.  Her Master Healing Guides taught her anatomy and physiology.  The Masters  also taught her how emotions and stress affect the physical body and are the main cause of pain, illness disease as well as aging .

Since then, Deb’s abilities have expanded exponentially.  Deb is now able to feel within her own body where the Guides are directing her to go in her client’s body.  She feels a slight pressure within her body, and can detect not only the physical issue, but also is able to dig deeply into the emotional cause of pain, illness and disease.

The physical body is the expression of our consciousness in form.

In this knowing, Deb is able to perform, through the great compassion of the Divine, an emotional release of symptoms from the origin, cause and affect of an illness.

Allow Deb, a skilled Spiritual & Energy Healer to guide you to complete freedom and vibrant health allowing you to live the fullness of life that is intended for you to live.

Demystifying Quantum Energy Healing

Sometimes spiritual terminology can be confusing or seem ungrounded.

 If you are reading this, you most certainly believe that there is more to life – more than what you experience with your physical senses.  

We know that everything is energy.  And your body is your consciousness (your soul energy, beliefs, emotions) expressed in physical form with unerring accuracy.  Therefore, it is easy to understand that every physical illness or disease has an emotional component attached to it.  It cannot be any other way.  

Your physical body is intelligent and has the ability to be manipulated, transformed and restored. Your cells are living microcosms of information.  And when the information of the cell is changed by feeding it new information, the cell transforms, allowing vibrancy of life to flow through it for optimal functionality. 

Energy healing, or energy medicine, is quantum Light, or information fed to the subconscious mind and physical body.  This Light releases tension, fears, and stuck energy from the etheric bodies, resulting in restoration, and rejuvenation of the systems of your physical body, allowing it to return to a state of ease, or out of dis-ease.

Energy healing is a means by which one’s higher self and innate body transmit information to a practitioner.  The practitioner receives this information in the form of an inner knowing, sensing, or a picture in their inner sight.  Some practitioners like Deb even possess the ability to feel their client’s illness or misalignment within their own body, and with precise insight, recognizes the area of the body in need of attention.

The practitioner then, through receiving information and tools from their Master Healing Guides and innate body, is able to manipulate the energy of the body, restoring it to vibrant health.

Allow Deb to help you restore your original blueprint of vibrant health through one of her quantum healing techniques here.