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What Does God Look Like?

“Morgan Freeman played God in the 2003 film “Bruce Almighty,” appearing as both a homeless citizen and a man dressed up in a pure white suit. His booming voice and power were enough to make him God in that film.

But Freeman himself took that one step further. In a post-film interview,  Freeman said he was God — and for two reasons. First, Freeman said humans are created by God, and are thus a reflection of him. Second, God is whatever people want him to be and what they interpret him as, and thus we are the makers of our own God.”  Source:

There is some truth in the words Freeman spoke.  Most of us have heard the phrase, “we are pieces of God”.  While listening to a spiritual leader on a radio talk show recently, I heard this statement again, “You are a piece of God”.

I paused and asked myself, “If we are pieces of God, then what does God really look like?”.  Do we see God as does Morgan Freeman…whatever we want God to look like?

We know that God, or the Divine, in its truest form, is pure love, goodness, power, refinement and Grace.

God is everything good.

I believe that within the chasm our hearts reside this same pure goodness.  I have felt it.  I’ve seen it in others. You may have too.

God not only lives deep within our hearts; it also expresses itself through our personalities.

The piece of the Divine expressing through me, however, is very different from the Divine that expresses itself through you.  Our individual personalities have opportunities to express zest for life, be in awe of a majestic sunset, and become giddy with wonder as the wind rushes through our hair on a cool autumn day.

If I were to describe with a few adjectives the God that expresses through me, I would say I am light-hearted yet serious, adventurous, yet introspective, sensitive, yet out-going.

So, I asked myself, if I truly believe that I am a piece of God expressing as my wondrous self, wouldn’t my life be deliciously different and delightful?   And wouldn’t knowing this also cause me to dive unapologetically into the excitement and opportunity of life?

Think about this: If I am God and you are God, all living on this planet together, shouldn’t life be more fun, deeply meaningful, and deliciously adventurous?

Shouldn’t we have more appreciation for each other?

And if we could have more fun, and appreciate each other more, wouldn’t we finally feel as though we were enough?
Wouldn’t we finally feel as if we mattered?

Perfectionism would end.   Our endless competition with each other would come to a halt.  Ambitions would be focused upon one sacred cause – the cause of mutually loving and supporting our planet and each other.

I believe this focused cause is what others have described as Oneness.

When we intend to live within the presence of oneness, from the goodness of our hearts,
we will attain the goal of looking, acting and being the likeness of God.

In my younger years, I may have missed the ‘Oneness’ boat, but I strive to live it now and express it in my own way, as a reflection of goodness.

How are you expressing Oneness?

What does your unique piece of God look like?



About the Author:  Debrah Goetz is a globally recognized medical intuitive, quantum healer, educator and author.

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