The School of Science & Spirituality
Ancient Mysteries Group Mentoring Program

Join ascension guide  and medical intuitive, Debrah Goetz on an expansive, mystical journey where you dive deep into all new soul-stirring topics. During this 8 module, 17-week journey you will expand your consciousness into the realms of higher dimensions to ignite within you the remembrance of ancient mystery school teachings.

Inspired by such masters as Melchizedek, RA  & Thoth, awaken latent memories of your existence as a being of higher consciousness through the intricacies of Ancient Mysteries. Up until now, these mystical teachings  have been reserved for only the initiates of hidden occult disciplines.

Reignite the truth of your heritage now in the Science & Spirituality School Ancient Mysteries Group Mentoring Program created with you in mind!

Eight Soul-Awakening Modules
8:30 pm EST / 7:30 pm CST / 6:30 pm MST / 5:30 pm EST

Sept 7th – Part 1 – Introduction To  Sacred Geometry

Sept 21st – Part 2 – Platonic Solids, The Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube & The Merkabah

Oct 5th – Part 3 – The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence

Oct 19th – Part 4 – Fractals, The Ankh & The Genesa Crystal

Nov 2nd – Part 5 – You Are A Magnetic Human – The Pineal Gland, Light Language & The Schumann Resonance

Nov 16th – Part 6 – Akashic Records Exploration

Nov 30th – Part 7 – ETs Among Us – Your Galactic Ancestors

Dec 14th – Part 8 – The Torus Field, Telepathy, Bi-Location & Telekinesis

Closing Webinar – December 28th

What's Included:

✓ 9 Bi-weekly Ancient Mysteries Group Mentoring sessions.
✓ Individual private sessions: scheduled at the start of the mentoring program.

Total Value: Over $4100

✓ Over 7  hours of though-provoking videos – $599
✓ 14 hours of live group mentoring sessions – Value: $3100
✓ 1 hour private (virtual) session with Debrah –  Value: $333
✓ Free Bonus – Star Seeds & Walk-ins – Your Earthly Journey 22-minute audio lesson (for registering on June 27th before midnight) – Value: $49


Total Value: $4100


Full Registration: $1599
Deposit Option: $499 (Balance Due by: Aug. 24th)

Registration is  nonrefundable

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