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You – A Universal Lighthouse

You – A Universal Lighthouse


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During this life-changing journey, resurrect from over-giving, being erroneously misunderstood, abused, mistreated and abandoned. Release anger towards self and others who were too weak to love your light.  Restructure the subconscious in the deep cavern of soulful acceptance, presenting mesmerizing opportunities to forgive self and others, restoring the freedom of glorious worth and self-value.   In cooperation with Beings of love, gain a new perspective with your heart cradled in safe and loving hands.  Reinforce your soul, clear the lymph and central nervous systems that crafted your anger, eliminating the sting of embedded memories, resurrecting into new perspectives.  As a unique thumbprint of God, rewrite the story of unworthiness, and radiate as a Lighthouse in the magnetic Grace of the Universe.  Reclaim your luminous power, as others freely return to you that which you unknowingly gave away!

Run Time: 28 Minutes


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