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Spiritual Mastery for the New Earth – Foundations 102

Spiritual Mastery for the New Earth – Foundations 102


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Spiritual Mastery For The New Earth Course

Foundations 102

Who are you? What lies beneath the idea of the ‘you’ that you have come to know yourself to be? Are you worthy of connecting with the Divine to recover and remember your undeniable Divinity and ultimate powerful essence?

This revolutionary Self Mastery For The New Earth 8-module, self-directed course is more than a course. It is a profound, transformational journey that traverses the hidden caverns of your soul, emerging into discovery and excavation of the truth of your earthly journey. Learn the unexpected and essential Truths of you. Excavate the ancient schematics that have, up until now, held you back, and kept you from embodying the Master that you are.  Connect with the awe-inspiring Ascended Masters and Archangels who reflect your Divine attributes and soul mastery.

Indulge in the included meditation while being drenched in the illumination of the Spirit of Life itself. These channeled transmissions are tailor-made and suited to the subject of each module, transmitting Light-encoded healing energies like you’ve not, up until now, experienced. Travel through fascinating dimensions and timelines; unleash crushing past experiences that have caused pain, regret and suffering.

Supercharge a new paradigm of riveting stability, vibrant health, Lightness and truth as you meet the Masters, learn of the physiology of your body that launch and support the vitality of your innate wisdom.  Receive transmissions from the Angelic realms that support your expansion, and so much more. Kick start your budding mastery. Live guilt-free. Excavate, heal and rejuvenate the lost parts of yourself. Expand and experience the emerging, magnificent you.


Self Mastery For The New Earth Syllabus:


60-Minute Welcome Webinar

This first of 3 pre-recorded live webinars included in this course present personal and intimate conversations with Debrah who warmly welcomes you to the Self Mastery For The New Earth course. During this captivating webinar you will learn how to use this life-enhancing course, what to expect, how to navigate the seven Divinely-channeled modules with exclusive Q & A. Receive your personal, downloadable Self Mastery For The New Earth Journal to record your emotions, thoughts and insights throughout the program.


Module 1 – God, Oneness and You

Who is God? Who are you in relation to it? Imbued with truth, learn how you as a cell within the enlightened, functioning body of God, are inspired to greater functioning within the body. Learn what happens as you arrived on earth, your guides, your magnificence, and your tools of co-creation.


Module 2 – Seven Steps To The Temple Of Illumination

Experience the transformative effects of entering The Temple of Illumination as Debrah shares her awakening process and offers the seven secret doorways that will anchor your sovereignty deep within your psyche and emotional body. Includes 2 Light-encoded frequency Divine transmissions within the video.


Module 3 – Manifesting In Line With The Divine

Are you confused about how to pray? Why do some prayers go answered? Upon whom do your requests fall? Is there a mail-order God ‘up there’ who accepts or rejects your requests? End the confusing cycle of prayer by accelerating your co-creative ability to manifestation with the Divine.


Module 4 – Twelve Pillars of Self-Healing

Unearth the emotional relics that lie beneath pain, illness and disease. Learn the importance of descending, resurrecting and ascension –what they mean, and how to traverse the journey. Listen as Debrah tells her story of sexual abuse publicly for the first time, and how she healed from it. Capture the true meaning of surrender and realize your worth, innocence and purity like never before.

Included in this module is a channeled, inner child healing meditation that offers the remembrance of the innocence and purity that you are.


90-Minute Webinar

Boost, integrate and expand your experience of the first 4 modules in this pre-recorded webinar. Receive answers to the most compelling questions during Q & A with Debrah.


Module 5 – Meet The Ascended Masters

Get acquainted with these encouraging Ascended Masters who have set the example for us and laid the groundwork of self-mastery before you. Learn why they are here, stronger than ever before during this time of great awakening. Learn how to connect with the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and be assured of this connection. Capture the essence and attributes of the Seven Divine Rays and raise your consciousness through their powerful, cosmic transmissions.

Explore your Akashic records with your Guides as you enter the vast library of your hall of records.  Receive specific, sacred gifts from the Masters in the included, profound meditation.


Module 6 – The Breath Of God, Meet The Supernal Archangels

Connect with these benevolent Beings through nine specific steps provided in this module. Receive 8 powerful, beautifully designed, channeled Archangel Light Language Power Symbols sure to charge your soul with the beautiful attributes of their Grace, benevolence and purity.


Module 7 – The Science & Physiology of Intuition

Learn how your magnificent physiology supports and uplifts your innate intuitive capacity. Discover the three brains of your body, and how to activate coherence with them all. Learn the 7 steps to increase sensitivity to your proven, inborn intuitive abilities.

Cleanse and active your pineal gland, also known as the seat of the soul, and the Crystal Palace, the portal to your innate Wisdom in the included Pineal Gland Activation meditation.


Bonus material: Debrah’s eBook, Synchronicity – The Secret Language Of The Soul  where you will learn to attract synchronicity into your life with suggestions and proof that this mysterious attribute is very real and realistically attainable!


90-Minute Closing Webinar

Tie everything that you’ve gained and learned in a neat bow including”

  • A review of all seven modules of the Spiritual Mastery For The New Earth Course
  • Answers to personal questions
  • Deep discussions on dreams, prayer, and more
  • A Group Closing Blessing from the Masters with an encouraging message for you
  • AND a sneak peek into what’s next for you on your spiritual growth horizon!