Self-Worth Amplified

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Most of us have never been told the beautiful Light of creation that we are, that our body is filled with the Light of creation; yet, we have nothing to earn or prove. Listen to the most miraculous story of the moment of your creation, so lovingly filled with potential and possibilities.   De-program ancient religious vows of poverty, fear of being disobedient and ostracized, and thrown into hell, old conscious patterns rewritten.  Release the Savior complex of over-giving, while learning the secrets of self Love.  Experience the magical, transmutative white Light that rewires and re-patterns your body consciousness, revitalizing the Light within against which nothing else can stand.  Restore the remembrance of the One that fashioned you, who knows every cells in your body, who protects and cares for you.  Experience true relaxation and joy, allowing your body to return to ease, able to function efficiently and heal itself. Nothing stands in the way of your brilliant future; the path is clear and well lit.

Run Time: 20 Minutes