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One of our most popular activations, the Auric Clearing and deep Cellular Cleanse, with its loving transmutational activity, halts and clears ruminating thoughts & attachments from the etheric body. An angelic light net swirls through your cells performing an energetic deep tissue stress relief, and quantum central nervous system release. This activation alleviates emotional burdens, igniting the Divine within, instilling within you enhanced personal freedom and empowering cosmic truth and unwavering love.

Imagine having the vivid ability to cure your self of any lingering worry, heavy feelings, or unwanted daily energy. In this unique guided meditation, Debrah teaches spontaneous healing through assistance of the high angelic realm and divine masters. In under 10-minutes, learn how to harness liquid golden light and its extraordinary power to mend the aura and cleanse the entire mind, body, and spirit. With intention and breath, allow celestial warmth to swirl, saturate, transmute, and dissipate leaving only one’s purest truth – the truth of unwavering and complete love.

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