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Angels on the Sidelines

We live in an often-times difficult world of chaos and confusion when each day can present new physical and emotional challenges. In times like this, it can be difficult to find solace and comfort; yet there is benevolent, ever-present assistance for us to employ to bring comfort, joy and support to our lives; these delightful beings are the Angels. 

Angels have no age; they, like you, are eternal. Angels play an integral part in shaping our lives.  According to Stewart Pearce, the author of The Angels of Atlantis, angels exist as omnipresent and omnipotent beings; they are the nectar of God, emanating joy, love, and wisdom for us to enjoy and embrace. 


If we are able to accept their presence in our life, 

Angels can bring serenity to even our most tumultuous times.


In fact, the Archangels tell me that they are simply ‘sitting on the sidelines’ of our lives, awaiting our beckoning to come and play with us on the field of enjoyment and manifestation.  This is a wonderful metaphor to illustrate not only their willingness to help us in times of need, but also their excitement to be an integral part of our work and our motivations.


As messengers of universal love,

the Angels are able to do ‘the impossible’.


In fact, at times when I cannot find where I put something, I simply say, “Angels, where did I leave my (fill in the blank)?  Magically, out of nowhere, the lost item shows up – and within seconds!  One may think of this as a coincidence, but I have to tell you – it works every single time – it never fails!

Yet, especially for those of us who are the ‘lone wolves’ of our lives, beckoning the Angels may be very difficult.  We wonder if they have time for us. We doubt their ability to really get us out of our troubles. Afterall, we’ve always gone it alone, right?  

Yet, I assure you, the Angels truly are awaiting on the sideline benches of your life –  ready, excited and willing to help you navigate your trials and tribulations…. And maybe even to help you find your car keys!


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