Intuitive Services and Psychic Workshops


“I am beyond thrilled with my recent session with Debrah!  In our work together, she provided me with channeled information from a loved one, released hip pain that I have had for more than two years, released me from, and brought peace to, a significant past life trauma, and provided much insight and healing to miscellaneous aches and pains in my body.  All of this healing has left me with peace in my body that I have never known in this lifetime.

I am deeply grateful to Debrah for her wisdom, compassion, and healing abilities.  Having worked with many healers through the years, Debrah is definitely in a league of her own.  I have never come across anyone with such vast knowledge and abilities.  Debrah is a gift to all who cross her path.”  

Julie P., St Charles, IL

“For well over a year I have been suffering from widespread pain throughout my body, it seemed to stem from my lower back and even affected my feet. I was tired all the time and some days I didn’t want to get out of bed. Naturopathic and allopathic doctors weren’t helpful and I was getting fed up with feeling so awful all of the time.

A friend told me about Deb, and though I was skeptical I figured I had nothing to lose so I set up an appointment. I wasn’t sure how well a remote reading of my body would work but I was willing to give it a try.

Wow! I was blown away! Deb, with the assistance of her guides, pinpointed the trouble zones in my body and did all sorts of work to repair and heal them. She had no way to know what my ailments were as we’d not discussed them previous to the reading, so it was amazing to me that she was able to zero in on each issue so accurately.

The lower back pain and stiffness I had been trying to alleviate for a year were vastly improved, flexibility returned and the pain was nearly gone for the first time in months. What had become chronic widespread pain throughout my body was almost non-existent!

I am so thankful for Deb’s amazing gift and the help of her guides. I’m no longer a skeptic!”

Rebecca O., Seattle, WA

“Debrah is a dear friend and bright Light whom I’ve known for many years.  During our first meeting, we had an immediate connection.  Her healing abilities were never really demonstrated to me until recently. Having endured two ruptured discs and a lifetime of desk work, I complained to her of lower back pain. Debrah offered distant healing.  We didn’t set a time, but hoped we could connect later that evening.

While standing at the kitchen sink, washing mud from carrots freshly dug, I notice the pain in my lower back was suddenly gone! Without knowing, Debrah had, shortly after our initial conversation, performed an energy healing session on my back.

Since my healing, happy to say, I am still pain-free and receiving informational downloads and creative ideas.  Thanks for helping me clear blockages and move past resistance, Debrah!  I am eternally Grateful!”

Much Love,  Becky C.

“Debrah’s intuitive healing session was amazing and insanely powerful. She assisted in healing my back pain from an accident, and channeled messages from Jesus that were very personal. I highly recommend Debrah to anyone wanting to receive Divine Healing and hear messages from beyond.”

Michelle Huczek, Divine Soul Exploration

“”I first met Debrah at a Body, Mind Spirit Expo. She had a great energy around her, and she had created an inviting and highly tranquil booth at the fair. Once she started the healing, I quickly felt relaxed and peaceful, and didn’t even notice the outside noise.

She cleared a lot of stuck energy, and I felt energy flowing and felt lighter as she continued. She then moved some stuck fear in my abdomen from an event that happened when I was a young child. She helped me through the clearing, and I felt great afterwards. I’ve had some unexplained fear for a long time, and never associated it with an accident as a child. The 20 minutes flew by, I highly recommend getting a session with Debrah, I will be looking into a longer session with her in the near future.”

Doug D., BeachBody Coach

“After 20 years of back pain, stiffness and tightness, my lower back is completely pain free, loose and flexible. Thank you, Debrah! I’m a believer in the work that you’re doing!”

Christopher R., Lakewood, CO

“Debrah has such positive Divine Light energy! I was immediately attracted to her. My session with Debrah provided instant relief from severe back pain that I’ve had for 5 years, and brought me into a permanent high vibration. She was ‘spot on’ with everything she revealed to me. Debrah works with the highest levels of Ascended Masters and Angelic realms, which are filled with positivity, peace and very high loving vibrations. Complete physical, emotional and spiritual healings result from sessions with Debrah for any recipient of her healing modalities. I highly recommend Debrah Goetz, Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Healer!”

Natasha J., Healer, Denver, CO

“During a Galactic Chiropractic session with Debrah she intuited the tender area around my tailbone. I immediately felt warmth and a release. The tenderness totally disappeared! It was beautiful!”

Dorothy H, Denver, CO

“Prior to my sessions with Debrah, I had pain my my back and stomach and now it is gone. She released a past-life trauma that was held in my cellular memory, and restored my inner balance. I feel a lot better. Thank you, Debrah!”

Robin K., Aurora, CO

“I had a dislocated hip from a car accident many years ago which caused me chronic pain and immobility. When I did a Medical Intuitive session with Debrah, I immediately felt heat in my hips. She worked on my hip socket, clearing out the energy from the trauma, and rebuilt the hip socket, realigned my legs and knees. She then did energetic surgery and I received knee and ankle replacements! I feel so much better! My pain level was 100% before my session. After the session, it was 5%. Debrah is amazing!”

Armin J., Yerevan, Armenia