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The Inner Sanctuary

The Inner Sanctuary

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The Inner Sanctuary

What if you could wake up every day in a world where you felt centered,
in exquisite joy and where synchronicity was the norm rather than the rarity?

Do trauma and anxiety keep creeping back into your life, even after working on it over and over?

Does chronic pain or illness keep you feeling stuck and disconnected from your Divine Self and inspiration?

Have you been feeling out of sorts, ungrounded or unable to find your way?

If you could live in a state of flow, ease and wellbeing, how would that feel?

What if you could discover a way to live in vibrant health and aligned with your soul’s purpose? How would it change your life?

What if you could learn self-healing techniques to realign your physical body, balance your energy field, and realize and live as your Divine Self all within a welcoming, safe environment?

I was guided (and said YES) to birthing The Inner Sanctuary for the heart-centered spiritual seeker like you.

My goal is to provide you with tools to restore your health, connect with your body and your soul, open communicate with Source and your Galactic Family and deepen your own inner wisdom.

Today more than ever we are in need of some good old-fashioned Grace to feel safe in our world and in our bodies. We are in need of love – self love, experiencing at-one-ness with humanity and feeling connected with our environment and with each other in a safe, co-creative community.

In my years as a medical intuitive, quantum energy healer, spiritual activator and ascension teacher, I’ve learned that true healing comes when we are connected, not only to our own Divinity and Ascended Beings, but also in community with others on the same path as we are.

That’s why my Guides said it’s time for….

The Inner Sanctuary

The Inner Sanctuary is a private, safe, welcoming community that I created to help you learn how to heal yourself, expand your consciousness and release trauma. The Inner Sanctuary will help you connect with your authentic self to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while here on Earth.

Ths is my invitation to you

to activate your true potential and

awaken the master withn.

It’s all here in your new private membership community, The Inner Sanctuary.

Meet your Mentor and Guide

Hello, I’m Deb Goetz, medical intuitive, quantum energy healer, medium, ascension guide and teacher.

My life’s mission is and has been to help you discover and master your own healing abilities, raise your consciousness and that of the collective. Each of us has the innate potential to heal.

Yes, you are that powerful.

For over two decades, I’ve been inspired to serve as a conduit of Divinely-Guided healing frequencies, channeling Divine wisdom, compassion and grace. I thrive on assisting my clients in recognizing and releasing old patterns including deep rooted traumas, helping them remember the powerful Being of Love that they are.

If you’re ready for the deeper awakening you’ve been waiting for, this is for you.

If you’re ready for a deeper awakening, a higher response to life, all while in connection with a loving, intimate community of others like you, then this is for you. This is your time.

The Inner Sanctuary is an intimate, heart-cenetered community that shows you the way to:

  • Resurrect your healing power
  • Open your heart to deep Love
  • Connect with your Divine and Galactic Guides
  • Gain mastery over your life, finances, environment, health and relationships

Every 1st Wednesday of the month you’ll be invited to a Living As The New Human training call with channeled messages, high-vibe inspired trainings, live Q & A, and more. It’ll be like having Deb as your own private mentor!

Our group healing sessions, which are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month are specifically tailored to releasing trauma, overcoming lack and self doubt, healing your physical & etheric bodies and teaching you expert self-healing techniques to help you reach and maintain vibrant health.

In addition, you’ll receive access to exclusive quarterly guest expert trainings where we take a deeper dive into your spiritual expansion, and gain enlightened wisdom to live in a state of freedom as the New Human.

You’ll also receive access to exclusive VIP sessions with Deb as well as special discounts on her courses, meditation and activations.

Here’s what you can expect from your Inner Sanctuary Membership

  • Monthly Group Inner Sanctuary Training – Each month we’ll dive into different aspects of Living As The New Human where you will learn specific techniques to clear your energy field to thrive as the New Healed Human.


  • * Monthly Group Healing with Deb – Each month Deb will address a specific part or system of the body, restoring it to a state of homeostasis. You won’t want to miss these sessions as Deb and her Healing Masters and Angels will perform energetic surgeries, administer quantum stem cells, etheric crystals, perform blood purifications and much more!


  • * Quarterly Guest Expert & Healers Trainings – Each quarter, Deb invites the top energy healing experts to teach you a Master Class.


  • * Special Quarterly Channelings & Readings – plus impromptu calls as the guides direct – There’s more to Divine Wellbeing than physical health. With powerful teachings, life-changing practice and channeled wisdom you’ll be able to achieve a state of flow and ease. And gracefully and easily attune to your body and spirit.


  • * A private membership portal with recordings of all our training, group healings and ‘members only’ content – to help you maintain and get the most out of your monthly Divine Wellbeing and Group Healing calls.


  • * Exclusive invitation for members-only VIP sessions w/ Deb.


  • * VIP discounts on all our courses, meditations, trainings and new offers.

Early Access Offer

My goal is to make this accessible and affordable to you, so you are able to embrace transformation, expansive freedom and magnetic, unlimited potential.

When you discover and master your own healing power, there is a ripple effect that touches the collective consciousness as a whole. Together we move closer to living in a fully awakened harmonious world.

We invite you to become a founding member of this intimate, supportive Inner Sanctuary community for a special introductory investment of only $49/month.

An exclusive opportunity for you to work with Deb, join her to accelerate your healing abilities, deepen your connection wtih your Divinity and learn life-changing tools that will last you an eternity – at a fraction of the price.

You are worth it

PS: The investment for this membership opportunity will increase to $97/month once this founding member introductory offer ends.

Join now for this exclusive Founder’s Member price of

only $49/month.

Accept this invitation and level-up your Divine potential and commit to the evolution of the master you truly are. It’s time to own your highest expression as a multi-dimensional being of love. All within a powerful, enlightened community.


The Inner Sanctuary

only $49/month.