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The New Human Program – Fall 2022

The New Human Program – Fall 2022


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The New Human Program

The New Human Program by Debrah Goetz gives you instant access to three powerful videos which will assist you to:

  • * Break free from the stories that may be holding you back
  • * Let go of ancient religious beliefs
  • * Discover where your “Higher Self” truly lives
  • … and more!


A New M.O.

Program the brain and mind into a new modus operondi – a new way of operating in your life. Break free from the perpetual motion of your timeworn stories that may be holding you bound. Restore your original blueprint of joy and vibrant Light, for in the presence of your Light can nothing opposing it stand. Run Time: 10 Minutes

Come Down Off The Cross

Let go of ancient religious beliefs and practices of suffering – suffering in order to earn your way to heaven, to get other souls into heaven and achieve the gold star at the end of your life – none of which are true. Give up fearing your own power as you hear the voice of acceptance and love guiding you into Truth. Run time: 7 Minutes

Discover Your Higher Self

Taken from a live Living The Awakened Life course, this is one of Deb’s most powerful techniques ever presented by the Divine. The journey takes you to the heart of your being where you uncover and discover where your “Higher Self” truly lives. Learn to access the precious jewel that author Pema Chodron wrote about years ago when she said, “Our true nature is a precious jewel. Although it may be temporarily buried in mud, it remains completely brilliant and unaffected; we simply have to uncover it.” This teaching is based on the premise that our Higher Self isn’t something to grasp at or beg for; it exists with us as a brilliant jewel waiting to be uncovered. Enjoy watching this delightful video again and again to spark the alchemy that this teaching brings. Run time: 13 Minutes


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