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Medical Intuitive Sessions

Medical Intuitive Sessions

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The cost for either in-person or remote sessions:
75 Minutes – $222
3 Session package – $599
5 Session package – $999

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Medical Intuitive Sessions

This service INCLUDES a Galactic Chiropractic healing.

As a Medical Intuitive Debrah is able to see inside of the bodies of her clients.   During a session Debrah, scans the body to identify arthritis, misalignments within the spine, core issues that can be related to a current or past life emotional issue, cellular blockages that create illness and disease, and other health imbalances and underlying health condition affecting the individual.

During a session, Debrah often receives downloads of food and/or nutrients a person needs for improved health. As a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, she sees foods, hears information such as names of supplements and nutrients.

What to expect: During sessions, the client lies, fully dressed on Debrah’s massage table.  She calls in their Guides, Ascended Beings, and all who work for the highest good of the individual.  During a session, Debrah is in constant communication with these Beings and relays the messages to the individual.

To assist in the healing process, Debrah is frequently given etheric, powerful, brilliant crystals to place within the area of concern which often provide immediate relief to the areas.  She is also often guided to clear the glands within the body to open channels of flow and increased spiritual perception.

Remote sessions

Remote sessions can be performed from anywhere in the world. Remote sessions are just as comprehensive and powerful as in-person sessions. Debrah is able to see and feel the physical body, feel the emotional makeup of the individual, and is guided in the same process as in-person sessions. During a remote session the individual is not speaking with Debrah, but may choose to lie down or relax in a quite place, such as their bedroom. This is not a requirement, but the individual often senses the work being performed by feeling warmth, tingling, sensations, and a heightened sense of love and wellbeing.

Remote sessions are followed by a 15-minute review via telephone and an MP3 recording is sent via email.

The cost for either in-person or remote sessions:
75 Minutes – $222
3 Session package – $599
5 Session package – $899

Your Guidance may prescribe multiple future sessions to continue clearing, elevating and accelerating the central nervous system and the body. Therefore, session packages are available for purchase at the top of this page.

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One 75 Minute Session, 3 Session Package, 5 Session Package


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