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Medical Intuitive Mentoring

Medical Intuitive Mentoring


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healing handsDo you lack confidence in your spiritual abilities?  Do you wish you had the tools and knowledge to work as a medical intuitive and energy healer?

Do you doubt that you are called to be a Medical Intuitive?

The Divine has a message for you:

“If not you, then whom do we choose?

We search the world for those whose hearts are a pure as yours!”


Join Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healer and Medium, Debrah Goetz for 11 transformational modules as you dive into the world of medical intuition and quantum energy healing.


Biweekly, starting Wednesday, September 14th
4 pm PT / 6 pm CT / 7 pm ET
(Zoom link to join us will be sent to you on Sept 13th)


For the past 10 years, Debrah has been a mentor and ascension guide, assisting her clients in harnessing their intuitive voice and using it on command.  Her ability to connect with each of her clients on an energetic level and assess the development of their gifts makes her style of teaching and mentoring both unique and personal.

In this mentoring program, Debrah prepares you for a career as a medical intuitive/healer by supporting you in building a strong foundation for your practice and intuitive development.

The time has come to take the reigns of your life and use your innate abilities to assist humanity during this time of global transformation when it is so needed.

The Medical Intuitive Mastery Program is designed to educate, encourage, inspire and support you in the furthering of your intuitive gifts – all within an intimate group setting.  In the end you will have shed timidity and doubt, and gained confidence in developing a practice that serves humanity during these amazing, transformational times!


11 developmental modules include:

  • Over 24 hours of live interaction, instruction & practice with Debrah
  • A brief history of Medical Intuition
  • Developing trust and confidence in your abilities
  • Learn Debrah’s high frequency tools and techniques
  • The mechanics of Medical Intuition
  • An in-depth study of the chakra system
  • Study of the subconscious mind
  • Connect with the Healing Masters
  • Receive an energetic transmission of The Golden Angel
  • Basics of Anatomy & Physiology, and all systems of the body
  • Genes, DNA & The Innate Body
  • Advanced Protection & Clearing Techniques
  • Heart Chakra & Pineal Gland Activations
  • Distance practice sessions
  • Practical applications & steps to starting/running your medical intuition practice
  • … and so much more




  • 13 live bi-weekly Zoom 90-minute meetings with Q & A
  • Downloadable recordings of all live sessions
  • Personalized, Light-encoded channeled messages/healings
  • Guided practice sessions
  • Videos of Debrah performing her proprietary techniques
  • A transmission of the Golden Angel Energies
  • 11-part Medical Intuitive Mentoring Manual
  • Certificate of Completion to begin your practice as a certified Medical Intuitive


How It Works:


Prior to the start of the Program, you will receive an in-depth intake form containing questions about your spiritual journey.  This allows Deb to become more familiar with you in order to customize the program to the needs of the group.  However, this is not a beginner course where Debrah teaches how to develop intuition.  We would hope that students already have an understanding and use of intuitive ‘hearing’, ‘seeing’ and/or ‘knowing’.

The program then begins with a 2-hour live Zoom intake session where we discuss the intricacies of the program, and get to know one another.

A new module (manual) is sent to you bi-weekly (every other week) to absorb, including suggested videos, activations and meditations.  You will have two weeks to complete each module before the next live Zoom session where we discuss what you learned, address any issues you may be experiencing, receive encouragement, transmissions, activations, etc.

You will have opportunities to perform practice sessions throughout the program with Debrah guiding you.  You will also be presented with a certificate of completion as you attend graduation during the final session.



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I encourage you to take the next step and accept what I consider to be one of humanity’s greatest callings – the path of a healer!   Allow me to help you overcome your doubts, fears and weakness and teach you the ways of a medical intuitive and energy healer.  You and your gifts are truly needed at this time when humanity is in one of its greatest transformational moments this planet has ever experienced.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting this amazing, journey with you!


From my heart to yours,