Are you searching for ways to be more centered, create more joy and harmony in your life?
Are you seeking to learn self-healing techniques to realign your body, mind and spirit?
If so, it’s time to join Our Community!

The Inner Sanctuary

Are you searching for ways to be more centered, create more joy and harmony in your life?
Are you seeking to learn self-healing techniques to realign your body, mind and spirit?
If so, it’s time to join the Inner Sanctuary!

Medical Intuitive Mentoring

Do you lack confidence in your intuitive abilities?
Are you an energy healer wanting to take your gifts to the next level?
Do you wish you had the tools and knowledge to work as a medical intuitive? Do you doubt that you are called to be a Medical Intuitive?
The Divine has a message for you: “If not you, then whom do we choose?
We search the world for those whose hearts are as pure as yours!”

meet your mentor

Deb Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) is a medical intuitive, quantum energy healer, medium, ascension guide and teacher.

Her life’s mission is and has been to inspire, motivate and activate your Divine blueprint, helping you discover and master your own healing abilities, raise your consciousness into freedom for your life, and feel safe enough to fully live in your fullest expression as a Divine Being.

Each of us has the innate potential to heal. Yes, you are that powerful.

For over two decades, Deb has been inspired to serve as a conduit of Divinely-Guided healing frequencies, channeling Divine wisdom, compassion and grace. She thrives on assisting her clients in recognizing and releasing old patterns including deep rooted traumas, helping them remember the powerful Being of Love that they are.

meet your mentor


“Thank you, Debrah for the beauty, Light and high vibration that you brought to us!”

“Loved each and every module – very thorough.”

“Great mentor!  Excellent teacher!”

Debrah wove us all together in a beautiful tapestry of healing and support, Light and High Vibration.  Thank you so much!

Lori T.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve given us and taught us!

Ramah L.

I had no idea what was going to come out of taking the medical intuitive program, and now I am definitely going to make this a career.  This is the path I’m supposed to be on.  I want to open my own healing business as a result.  I went from, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this”, to “I’m going to make this a career!  This is going to be my business.  It’s insane that only 5 months ago I doubted myself”.   

This course has opened me up to so much more than I had even imagined.  I’m learning so much, learning to trust my guides, and I feel them around all of the time.  I have opened up so much since the program began. Everything has changed so dramatically. which is just incredibly amazing. 

Before I took the Medical Intuitive Mentoring Program, I thought that everything Debrah does is so beautiful.  But when she offered the program to me, I had many doubts, and told myself, “I’m not ready. There’s no way I can do what she does.”  Then after thinking more about it, I decided to just register for the program and see what happens.  

“Debrah is a very powerful and compassionate teacher. After receiving the Golden Angel attunement, I truly felt moved to the next level of healing. My connection with Spirit is much clearer and healing sessions with clients flow more freely, naturally and at a deeper level. 

After receiving the Golden Angel attunement and the Galactic Chiropractic technique I did a healing on a client that I’ve known for over 12 years. She was amazed at the level of healing and how deep I was able to go. She said “Wow! You are really getting good at this!”  Thank you, Debrah! 

Joannie B.

“Beatrice healed a lifetime block from childhood which a therapist and a medical intuitive could identify but not heal.  In addition to befriending my resistant inner child part, Beatrice’s remarkable abilities included relaxing my chronic inner tensions and eliminating toxic energies causing serious illness while receiving diagnostic help from her higher power, spirit guides and my own higher self.  Beatrice also set surrounding energetic healing aids for the days following the session.  No medical professionals nor modalities that I know can consciously address the real energetic imbalances causing illness symptoms in order to bring about true healing.”

 Edward S.

I have searched out energetic healing modalities for years in my constant quest to find relief from pain.

Now that I’ve been divinely brought to Beatrice she has been uncovering and releasing deep, old, traumatic wounds from previous timelines buried deep in my present body. I guess it was time for these issues to be uncovered.

With her process she easily, clearly, with pinpoint accuracy, dove right in with her scans. From the first few minutes of my first session with her I knew I was in the right hands! Yes! Yes!  More! More!

Naming these traumas was a revelation and made perfect sense in what I had been experiencing with long term pain. The key is in releasing them from the body. Beatrice took care in completing their release in all their subtleties.  It may take a few sessions to clear these traumas, with several days after for processing.

These sessions have been nothing short of profound. I am humbly grateful to have found Beatrice now, in perfect timing. With her gentle but quietly confident demeanor know you too can experience profound healing should that be your wish as well. 

Lorraine W.

“Meeting Lori was truly a blessing. I met her with a group of healers and was immediately drawn to her gentle unassuming manner. I had previously been made aware of a situation that I found uncomfortable because of the terms surrounding it. She immediately reframed it in terms that resonated with me. The energy healing session was wonderful. She addressed the issue we had discussed and several others that I hadn’t mentioned. Her insights brought both clarity and focus for future personal work. I have noticed that since our work many doors to greater understanding are now available to me. I have a much deeper understanding of the work I am attempting to create and many insights into how to do it. Lori is truly a gifted and genuine healer.”

Rose Dykstra



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